People always ask me if I'm scared when I'm in Mexico. Most of the time, people tell me why I should be. I get it, people are concerned for us, and I already posted here about choosing faith over fear. But I really never have been scared to be in Mexico. Until the other day. 

I think it has something to do with this whole "the devil attacks what God is doing" stuff.  As we prepared to move, I started to worry that Wade would die and I would have to live without him. It's irrational, I realize. Worry does nothing but give a girl grey hairs (not happening yet.. but I wouldn't be surprised!)

ok, so to get to the point, the other day I got scared. I'm pretty embarrassed, really. But this is a place to be honest, not matter how ridiculous, right?

Wade and I had crossed over the border on a Saturday morning to unlock some buildings for a weekly bible study that some other missionaries started, and as we were riding down the road we saw several trucks parked together and a huge group of people gathered in the street. I think both of our minds jumped straight to "cartel." I have no idea why, because it's not the normal reaction for us. We both were on alert as I quietly uttered the words, "I'm scared." Wade took my hand and reminded me that God is in control of our lives. Those words gave me back my peace. 

As we pulled closer, I just had to laugh. It was just the monthly food distribution by some other missionary friends of ours! People were gathered to get food! In the name of Jesus!

Conclusion jumper, much?

Looking back, I see how irrational the fear was. First, because we know God has brought us here and have commited our lives to Him, no matter what. And second, because we know about the distribution and have even helped with it a time or two! I literally can't stop rolling my eyes about it... at myself. 

It just goes to show that the enemy is ready and waiting to put that fear in our hearts. He is waiting for the door to be open. I find myself wondering, if I had started my day in prayer (which I did not) would I have reacted differently? Since then I have been making a more concerted effort to study the Word, journal, and pray first thing each morning. I can't do this thing (ahem - life) on my own, so why do I keep trying to?

Now seriously, go read this post on faith over fear. It's one of my favorites.

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