This year, I went to the Influence Conference with the goal of building community. Last year my focus was very strategic, this year, it was very personal.  It may have something to do with the fact that we've recently moved away from all of our friends and family to live in Mexico, which we love, but throughout our entire transition, the Lord has really put the need for community at the forefront of my mind. I wrote about it here already while I was still at the conference, so I won't repeat myself for the sake of having something written. Instead, it's picture time. 

These are just a fraction of the women God has placed in my life through this crazy world called the Internet/Blogging. I'm so so grateful for them and so many others who aren't pictured. I highly recommend you visit their blogs if you spot someone you don't recognize!

My Roommates: Margaret | Annie | Amy
Sorry girls. I know this picture is just horrific but it's also so so so funny.

The Influence Core Team: Jessi | Haley | Ashley | Rachael | Moriah | Lindsey



 Jessi introducing Umba

Ashley being hilarious.

Kate from The Small Things Blog (also, pinterest)
by the way, the hair queen of pinterest complimented my hair when we met. thanks girrrl ;)

 Ashley | Amy

 Me | Natalie | Erin

Whew. That was a lot of people.  And they don't scratch the surface! There were so many more women who impacted my life that weekend. From one-time-bathroom conversations to hour long personal chats in the lobby - God used these ladies to encourage me, challenge me, stretch me, and be my community.