I've spent the past week here in this space reflecting on the Influence Conference (and I really could keep on going... and I will.)

But I'm feeling the need for a little present day action here, today.

After church Sunday we hopped across the border (it really is that easy) and joined Mama Sylvia for lunch with her family in central Reynosa. Her mother-in-law turned 83! She was fabulous and kissed me on the cheek twice ;) This fiesta was full of chicken, steak, chorizo, and a live two-man mariachi band - one of which was playing the accordion! This is a highly under-utilized instrument in my opinion.

This is kind of an odd month for us. Wade has swapped shifts quite a bit this month as things have come up with co-workers and as we prepare for our friends to come visit this weekend and again in a few weeks, so our schedule looks a little different and feels a little more unpredictable right now. In addition to Wade's schedule change, we're also doing our walk-through and moving into our rental home (Texas side) this week!

Oh wait, I realize I haven't even mentioned the rental home yet.
You guys.

God is good. Way too good to us.

I've put this off way too long and I really need to get some of this written down:


  • Our missionary friends who already lived in Mexico offered us their place right when we moved to house-sit FOR FREE while they went home for two months.  This was such a huge blessing in our transition.
  • Long before we moved, we prayed for this impossible dream of a job where Wade would be able to work as a pharmacist in Texas only two days a week so that we could spend the majority of our time in Mexico. Far fetched, we realized. Completely made-up in our minds as the big "if we could ask for the craziest thing, what would it be" question. Three days post-move, that exact job was offered.  
  • Through this job, we have been blessed both personally and in the missional work we are doing in big ways.  Like, BIG BIG ways.
  • One of those ways is our rental home! Wade met a man through work who just so happened to be preparing to rent his 1940's home in Texas which was completely remodeled (seriously, this is a dream home for me - complete with the perfect blogging space and great for hosting people!) and he offered it to us at a steal of a price.  It becomes available just when we need it.  And to top it all off the backyard is full of fruit trees that produce so much fruit that he used to set baskets of it on the street for people to have. I plan on taking it all over into Mexico to help feed the kids who are at our house every day! I'm so excited about this. 
So yeah. We can start moving in THIS WEEK.  I really didn't plan on us having anything substantial on this side of the border so it's really interesting to see where God is going with this.  It feels very long-term. Which is comforting and exciting and still a bit overwhelming.  But y'all, I'm so happy.

One thing that has really amazed me is that all this time I only thought of the Mexico side of this move. But you guys, He is allowing us to be a part of some awesome stuff in Texas, too.
  • We've been welcomed at two churches in the Rio Grand Valley and have awesome opportunities for community and to spread our vision already.  Three of our new friends have given their lives to Jesus since we've been here! One got baptized, the other two got married. It's beautiful.  
  • Also, I've been asked to participate in the Valley United Women's conference in November as a panelist (as a blogger/missionary) AND help lead worship for the event. To say I'm excited is an understatement. And nervous. Yes. Definitely nervous.
Y'all. All this in 5 weeks. Plus way more blessings in the form of packages, letters, hugs, encouragements, meals with new friends, and the influence conference.  We've got friends from home coming to visit this month and at the end of October we are going to Florida to visit my family for my nephew's 1st birthday!

Oh yeah! AND it was in the 70's Sunday! This MUST be noted. I wore a sweater in Mexico. It was a day for the books. Even if it did soar back up into the 90's the next day.

How's your week been? What is God doing in your life? Is it fall where you live yet? Or are you still putting on the sunscreen like me?