How is it that blog days seem more like weeks? You miss one day of blogging, and it feels like a week. Or at least it does for me! So, I guess that makes this 6 weeks (aka 6 days) since I last blogged. A lot has happened in that time.

We moved into our rental home on the Texas side of the border and are getting settled in. To take breaks, Wade and I find ourselves venturing out into the backyard/jungle paradise to pick limes. This makes me so much more happy that you could possibly imagine. I'm obsessed with limes.

Also, our friend Emily came to town to spend a few days in Mexico and I gotta say, it was so refreshing to have an extra set of hands! The kids are definitely developing a system over there. We've got a morning crew now (who go to school in the afternoon) and an afternoon crew (who go to school in the morning).  Literally there was a group in the street waving at me as I went to brush my teeth one morning.  Thankfully, Wade is much more of a morning person than me so I am able to have the time I need to get into the groove.

This past week, we spent most of our time between the trampoline and coloring books (no surprises there!) and I also introduced them to the game UNO! I must have played that game 100 times in 3 days.
I am on an UNO break.

Until next week, of course.

We also got to take several kids to school when their bus didn't show and pick them back up that evening.  Seeing all of those kids running through the schoolyard with huge smiles on their faces when they saw our van pull up was amazing. I wish we could do it every day :)

On a sobering note: I want to ask you guys for prayer for one of the families in Mexico. Last week, a young woman passed away from what they believed to be West Nile. The mosquitos have been really bad because of all of the rain. A fog truck came through the village the other night to help rid the mosquito infestation but the damage on that woman's family had already been done. She was only 28 years old and had four girls, ages 7-11. We went to visit with the family and the first thing one of the daughters said as she sat on Emily's lap is that her mom had died. The illness came quickly and unexpectedly and she died at the hospital shortly after being treated. It's a very sad and scary reality. Please join us in prayer for this family.

It feels so odd to write about light hearted things such as limes and bus driving and then write about the loss of a mother all in one post, but I can't write one and not the other. Life is full of good and bad. Full of joy and sadness. There is mourning, and their is rejoicing.  The authenticity of life is feeling it all. And so, I feel it.  Both are here. And the underlying current of it all is that God is still good, because God is still God.

I'm thankful for a Father such as Him.