I've been back from the Influence Conference for several days now.  Most of my fellow attendees have already written their first IC follow-up post, and all of us seem to be struggling to fit what God did this weekend into a simple blog post. I expect to see many more floating around the internets in the coming weeks and maybe even months.

I returned "home" to South Texas on Sunday night and instantly put my #wildandfree liberties into action (thanks for the inspiration Jessi!) by saying "yes!" to a nice date night with my man, in spite of my seriously messy hair and the 10+ hours of airport/airplane that I had on me. Because, really, who cares? Wade thought I looked beautiful and he's the one that really counts in that department.

The next morning we went right back over into Mexico. (i.e.: no internet. Heck, no power at all.)

psst. if you're new here and don't know, my husband and I moved to a border town in Mexico about a month ago to live with and serve the people in a small village where we met 6 years ago.

On a side note, the question "Where are you from?" ended up catching me off guard this weekend. I stumbled over my answer in an attempt to quickly explain that I'm originally from Florida, but just moved from Alabama, and now live in both South Texas AND Mexico.  Because when I replied simply with "Mexico" I got some strange looks as the questioner scanned my face and skin for signs of Hispanic decent.  

I probably should have seen that coming, but I really really didn't.  It's all still so new.

God gave me a lot of things this weekend.

A renewed hunger for His Word.
Several several lessons and revelations I was in desperate need of ...
(all of which I most definitely plan to blog about)

but one of His greatest and most unexpected gifts He gave me was
thank you Naptime Diaries for the image from our Holy Yoga session and allowing me to bedazzle a bit ;)

All throughout the weekend, the Lord blessed me with this overwhelming (in a good way) feeling of comfort. I felt really comfortable.  I understand this was most likely not the case for everyone, because it wasn't the case for me last year. But I went into the weekend with the resolve to speak to more people and love more people and know more people. Because not doing so last year was my biggest regret.

He led my endeavors (even in the bathrooms, where I'm convinced some of the best conversations are ever had) and gave me this extra energy somehow. I know it's the case because I woke up early every morning with no problems, but when my alarm went off after 7am the day I was to leave, my body resisted big time.

On the second day of the conference, one of my roomies Amy from Sweet Home Santa Barbara and I woke up extra early (like 5:45am early!) to try out a little Holy Yoga with The Little Way and you guys -- it was amazing.

I've done yoga before, but not like this. It opened and closed in prayer, and as we stretched and moved to the sound of worship songs, Stephanie spoke the lesson of Joseph over us. She reminded us that even though his brothers betrayed him in every way imaginable, Joseph's heart was so full of the Lord that he ended up saving their lives instead of acting out in retaliation.  Our actions have power. How will we use them?

At the end of the session, Stephanie asked us to all lay on our backs and relax.  As I laid there, thinking I was relaxing, she came over and adjusted my neck, my arms, my legs until I really, truly relaxed. I didn't realize the stress I was holding onto... the tension I was mistaking for rest. The release of that tension and the true rest that I experienced led me to tears as these lyrics washed over me:

"I will call upon Your Name
keep my eyes above the waves
my soul will rest in Your embrace
for I am Yours, and You are mine."
- Oceans, Hillsong United

I'm not typically a crier, so the drops of water streaming down my face caught me off guard.

I wasn't upset, or mad, or even extremely happy -- all of which are acceptable reasons for tears.

I was resting.
And it was good.

And I was overcome with the knowledge that Jesus brought me to that moment so I could just rest in Him. Not go do this or say that in hopes of doing enough, being enough.  I was enough. I am enough. Because He is enough. So, while I wasn't doing anything particularly noteworthy, I was. I was spending time with my Savior and worshiping Him in my stillness. And I really needed to give that kind of worship. I think He must have known that.

If you've never done Holy Yoga, I highly recommend it. 
The Little Way has audio downloads of hour-long sessions for ONE DOLLAR.
 You really can't beat it. 

Get ready because I've still got so much to share! Photos, Sessions, and Experiences that can't go unrecorded will be on the blog in the following days! And if you find yourself on the fence about attending the conference next year, I encourage you to just go for it! Whether you are interested in strategy of the community, there is one thing you can be sure of: The Lord is all in it.  Early Bird tickets are available at their cheapest price so get one quick!