One thing I did NOT expect for our move to Mexico/South Texas is that we would live in our very first "full-size-has a real dining room-we need a lawn mower" home. We've been married 4 1/2 years and yesterday Wade bought our first mower. 

God completely surprised us with this home in Texas. I've said it previously, but this home makes this move feel more long-term/permanent.  It goes hand in hand with the fact that I'm now on schedule to lead worship at a church here in Texas every other Sunday. We're getting settled.

With a home larger than an apartment (and subsequently our first dining room) comes the need for a dining room table.  I've always loved cooking for Wade and others, but serving home-cooked meals on a TV tray just doesn't have the same effect as sitting around a table and having community with each other instead of with a television.

Many years ago, I found my "Dream dinning room table" at Pottery Barn.
For a whopping $1500. Plus more for the bench and chairs.

Not quite in the missionary budget.

A few weeks after we moved here, a friend added me to her Sams Club membership so that we could buy beans/rice/etc in bulk at a better price for the people in Mexico. One day, as Wade and I were walking around the store, we saw it. A table that looked JUST like the Pottery Barn one but for a FRACTION of the price. The table, bench, and 4 chairs were $599 total.  Like I said, a fraction.

We knew we wanted to build community and that a dining room table is a great place to do that, so after we moved in and made sure we could afford it, we went back to pick it up.

Sadly (and not surprisingly) they were sold out at both of the Sams in our area.  We looked online and found one about an hour away. I called and they had two in stock!  I asked them to hold one for me and we jumped in the truck and headed for the beach to pick it up.

Once we got there, we learned that no one knew who I had talked to and the lone table that was still in the box had been sold 50 minutes earlier.  All that was left was the display.

It was a disappointment because the store didn't put it back as they said they would and we had driven all that way. Thankfully, the manager was really sorry and took us back to look at the display and see if he could do something to make it all work out. After inspecting it and finding it in pretty good condition, he took 30% off the price and they wrapped it up for us and loaded it in the truck.

Y'all. We got the dining room table I have been wanting for years AND the bench AND four chairs for $420! And we didn't even have to put it together when we got home because it had already been done! 

I'm smitten and cannot wait to feed people around this table and share life with others as well as with my husband when we're in Texas.

To finish the look, we removed the bowl/shade over the light fixture for a more rustic look, finally hung our wedding photo (after 4 1/2 years) and picked up a few fall pieces on clearance!

Print: DIY. Frame: 50% off at Hobby Lobby. Pumpkins: on clearance at Michaels.

This bar cart is selling for $130 at Target right now, but I found it new at Goodwill for way way cheaper!

I've recently become a little "sale/discount" obsessed. I'm currently using the Shopkick app and Target Cartwheel regularly. There is an abnormal sense of accomplishment in seeing that blue Shopkick circle pop up on my phone JUST for walking into a store. We may have gone to Best Buy yesterday so I could earn 100 walk-in kicks and scan a TV for 300 more. maybe.  (Shopkick is an app that gives you "kicks/points" for scanning items in the store or walking in places - the points add up and you earn a giftcard to the store of your choice. I chose Target, obviously!)

Have you tried any of these "discount" apps? Or do you use one I don't know about yet?