Get ready for the most picture-heavy post you ever did see.

We had the best weekend (can you consider 6 days a weekend?) in Florida with my family, celebrating birthdays, half birthdays, and all things Fall! Today I'm going to share photos from the corn maze (actually it was sugar cane, but whatev.) we ventured through Friday night.

Carrying babes like a kangaroo is in very "in" this season ;) And very helpful in a corn maze type situation.

First stop was the "no-petting-allowed" zoo. Which is a lot like a petting zoo, but less fun.

Landon really wanted to pet the animals. Little rule breaker.

And of course, I had to let my brother-in-law make his blog debut with a photo of him and his kin. ;)
low blow, Kerrie. low blow.

From there, we continued on to the Sugar Cane Corn Maze which had little stopping points throughout with questions to help you stay on the right path. Each answer option came with a direction to go left or right. Get the answer correct, you're headed in the right direction. If not, well, good luck.

I designated myself the official herald questioner.

Somehow we skipped two stops, which made us feel really advanced (and a little like cheaters) and eventually made it to the end! We ended the night with a little dancing (see video below… and then don't call child services on Wade. Silly uncle.) and a nighttime hayride.

See? He's fine...

And Mary-Ellis is very happy that she was safe with her mommy ;)

If you made it this far, wow. I'm impressed. That was a lot of photos. But hopefully you experienced a little of the fun we did :) 

Now, it's back to Texas/Mexico for us to celebrate the big THREE OH I have coming up on Tuesday!
(where did the last three decades go?)