One of the funner (yes, I believe "funner" is a word in this context) parts of living in a small Mexican village is seeing the culture come alive. There are a few holidays here and there where the kids dress in full costume and parade through the streets shouting and singing (the coming of spring is one - you should see those kids dressed as animals! ADORABLE!)

This past week, the people of Mexico celebrated Desfile, which is some sort of revolutionary day. All of our boys morphed into bearded gun-weilding revolutionaries while our girls braided their hair with ribbons, donning lipstick and eyeshadow and their best dresses. 

Together they cheered, "Viva México!"

I, of course, was snapping pictures like a lunatic (they're used to it by now) and exclaiming how handsome and beautiful they looked as they showed me their toughest mustache face or twirled in their festive skirts.

Oh my heart.

Looking at these photos leaves me with mixed emotions. These friends of mine live in heavy oppression. A corrupt government, a heavy cartel presence, and limited options for change are a heavy hand upon them.

But I also feel hope when I look at these photos. I see little boys and girls who love Jesus and who have hope for their futures. And so, I will hope with them. I will pray with them. And I will show them that I believe in them and that, more importantly, God has a plan for them. A big huge amazing plan.

Lord, let them be revolutionaries for You!
My prayer is that these little children will be used to bring their nation under the leadership of Christ alone!


We're in Mexico with a mission group from our church back in Alabama this week (!!!) so please keep us in prayer! If you want to follow along with us, find me on instagram! (@kerrielwilliams)