Just yesterday I sat at dinner with some friends - fellow missionaries in our village who had just returned from a two month furlough back home - when I was asked the question, "So… has your dream come true?"

You see, Roy (husband, father of 5, go-getter if there ever was one) has known for 6 years that this was where I hoped to be some day. He knows my love for our village and these people and he knows how I've always longed to serve in a foreign country, especially in Mexico.

He also knows, from years of experience, the realities of such a dream. He knows that there are times when you feel helpless. He knows there are times when you feel used. He knows there are times when all you want is some peace and quiet, and He knows that there are so many situations you wish you could fix but that you just can't.

He also knows that there is nothing like giving up the American dream and doing something that many would consider insane. He knows what it's like to move your family to a country that is known for it's dangers and he knows that the danger doesn't make the need for Jesus any less real. In fact, he knows it makes it more so.

Roy knows that there is no greater gift than the child who wants nothing more than to sit on your lap - all day long - because they have this deep need to simply be loved. He knows what joy there is in sitting around a table with the neighbors as you share a meal together. He knows that there are incredible opportunities to start conversations about Christ when you spend your day building a family a home - for free.

Roy knows, like I do, that yes. This is a dream come true.  This is my dream come true.

While my 30 year old body may tire from jumping on the trampoline all day, my heart never does. And while I might not particularly want to drink hot chocolate when its 85 degrees outside, my heart is thankful for a neighbor who starts their day thinking of us as she prepares this gift.

We've been living in Mexico for almost three months now, although it feels like it's been so much longer. Sure, there are some frustrations (mostly on the Texas side of things - I'm coming down with a bad case of road rage!) but they are quickly forgotten when we find ourselves fishing with friends in the canal and sharing a meal of fresh tilapia, eyes and tail intact, around a small wooden table with no more than a candle to give us light.

These are moments I will have for the rest of my life, treasures I'm storing in my heart. I'm so thankful that the Lord sent us here to have community with our village. I don't know how long it will last - whether it's a few years or for the rest of our lives. But what I do know is that yes. Yes. My dream has come true. And I want to experience every single second of it.