Welcome to another edition of Hello My Name Is ________ where we're tossing aside our old labels (whether we gave them to ourselves or others put those labels on us) and declaring our new names that are only made possible because of Christ's influence in our lives.

Today, you're invited to join Kerry and I and hopefully many others as we proclaim these truths. Link up below or join us on instagram using the hashtag #beingrenamed. I feel confident you'll be encouraged by the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

I guess it started about the time we announced we were moving to Mexico.
Who knew simple, good-natured questions could cause me such anxiety.

So, what will you do when you get there?
What's your ministry?

Suddenly, my chest would tighten and my brain would go on overdrive as I tried to come up with something "good enough."

Something better than: live in the community.
Even something better than: whatever Jesus wants me to!
Like there could ever be an answer better than that one.

I, instead, made up these on-the-spot charitable goals that I thought would make our move seem worth-while to whomever asked. And while they were good goals, most of them were just ideas. My ideas.

I'd like to say I over came this silliness as time went on, but that would be a lie.

Instead, we moved and the question changed a bit:

So, what does your day look like?
What do you and your husband do in Mexico?

Same tight chest. Same erratic thoughts.


Except I have this amazing God who gave it to me straight: "'Whatever Jesus wants us to' is a perfectly acceptable answer! Sure, people might want specifics, but I just want openness and obedience."

I cannot explain the freedom I gained when I stopped being embarrassed to say, "well, mostly we find ourselves hanging with kids. Sometimes we help with medical needs, sometimes we give people rides, or hand out beans and rice, heck, I even spent a whole day doing nothing but making copies of birth certificates for people in the village."

Yes, we have goals of improving the school system and the general concern for education among the people in our village, in fact -- I was recently asked if I'd be willing to teach English one day a week at the local primary school, so we'll see where that goes -- and with Wade's education, we have a bit of a medical leaning and hope to offer an official free clinic one of these days.

But here's the thing: it doesn't really matter what we do. It matters why we do what we do.

Live your life to make much of Jesus.
Not to make much of a list of accomplishments.

No matter what we do during our time here, "big or small," as long as we're doing it for the glory of the Lord, it's so worth it. The same is true for you.


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