This week has been an interesting one. In some ways, it's been one of the best. In another, it's been one of the worst.

For more than a week, I've been preventing an oncoming allergy/sinus takeover. But, in spite of my best efforts, medicine just couldn't help anymore and come Monday I was in the middle of a raging Allergy-fest topped with a 48 hour sinus headache. Y'all. It was bad. And only getting worse. And since we were in Mexico (aka the land of flying dirt) I couldn't escape the culprit. 

I felt a warring within me as I struggled between wanting to head back to Texas early and also not wanting to miss a moment of my time in Mexico with these people who I absolutely love being around. We chose to stay and I found myself getting in the bed before the sun did. I could hear Wade outside the door, playing with the kids around the table. Every so often, the door would creak open and one of their sweet little faces would peek in to see how I was doing.

You guys, my heart bursts with the love they show me.

Here's the thing: I can choose remember those days as days filled with pain or I can look back on them filled with joy. Because they had both. And I wouldn't trade the little gifts of joy I was given that week for anything. (well, except maybe for the ticket I got on the way home yesterday as I was crying in my car from being so sick. I'm telling you, that light was yellow!)

So, in effort to solidify the joy and gifts over the lower moments of this week, it's list time.

What are you thankful for today?