While I have spent thanksgiving in Mexico once before, this is the first one we've celebrated while living here.

We were blessed in so many ways this week, beginning with the arrival of my father and our home church mission team. Together we served a warm meal on a cold day to more than 150 people in our village, spent the week building a home for a family who has never been more grateful (the pictures alone will make you cry,) and feasted on our own Thanksgiving dinner - which Wade and I were honored to be able to prepare for the team. It was truly a beautiful and exhausting week of community. Now, it's time to rest, dig out the Christmas decorations, and sit down to blog it all out.

But first, in honor of Small Business Saturday, I wanted to stop in and share three business I'm loving this season:

Johari Creations : providing sustainable income to woman around the world through artisan creations.
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PaperLasso : Handmade journals, capturing life's stories. 
(use code LASSO for 20% off until Monday!)

WoodCraftMission : Hand crafted and personalized wood cutouts.
(every purchase helps Allee go to Africa in 2014!)

I personally own all three of the items and am OBSESSED with their beauty and quality.
Shop Small Business!

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