Writing my year in review posts is always one of my favorite things to do here on this blog. I look back at last year's YIR often, so as not to forget a moment. I want to always be documenting the pages of my life in one way or another and I'm so thankful that I have this space to do just that.

2013 started off with an unforgettable, life-changing trip back to India where Wade and I were honored to walk through the tea gardens of the himalayan foothills and share the gospel of Jesus with a very beautiful people group - some of whom had never before heard His name. Oh. And we moved into our first real house. Quite suddenly and only for a few months. It was a small, old house and I will love it forever.

In February, I abandoned my seriously-self-sacrificing husband and spent the entire month in Florida with my baby nephew. I'm so thankful for the bond it formed and wish I had had the opportunity to do the same with my four nieces as well. It should also be noted that Wade got his eyebrows waxed this month. It was a highlight for me. Not so much for him ;) I spent time this month reflecting on how God has allowed me to "have it all" and I also shared some party-planning posts that led to a serious growth in blog traffic!

March was a month of introspection as I sat down and hashed out some things that God had been pressing on my heart. I shared how He convicted me about praying before I post and how He helped me take steps to overcoming fear associated with our then-upcoming move to Mexico.

April was a HUGE month for this space. What with that BIG CRAZY IDEA that we accomplished in a mere SEVEN days! (Have I ever mentioned how much you guys rock?) This was also the month when Kerry and I began our joint-linkup "Hello My Name Is ___" where we joined many of you in tossing off those false labels and embracing our new names in Christ instead. I should also note that I also had one of the craziest days of my life this month.

In May, we spent good half of the month  celebrating our 4th anniversary. We started with a trip to the beach which quickly turned into a trip to North Carolina for the birth of our niece, Mary-Ellis! We then returned to the beach once again for our #AnniversaryRedo. Let's celebrate like this every year ;) I also tried out my first StitchFix this month -- I'm a fan!

In June I took another trip up to NC to visit with this cutie above. What a doll! But before that, we started the month with a range-shooting birthday party to celebrate Wade's 30th. We also enjoyed some sweet summertime fun with our nieces who were visiting from Oregon. For us, summer often means family time. Oh, and I wrote a semi-informative post on how to get the most out of your StitchFix experience! Still on the fence? Check that post out. 

In July, we continued our beautiful family-filled summer with a trip to N'awlins. I also tackled my first blog-series: Life on a Mission where we talked about who is called to be a missionary, what it means to be a follower of Jesus, being ready and willing to accept the call, how to know what God is calling you to, and how to prepare for a mission trip (or live a missional life in general.)

August was the month that changed everything. That's right - it was moving month! But before we moved to Mexico, we soaked up as much Alabama summer as possible with things like Trade Day and the Albertville Music Festival. I talked about being "uncomfortably safe" as we flew the coop and introduced our new life in Mexico with a post on baptisms. The first few days in Mexico were much harder than I anticipated. If I'm really honest, there were days when I wanted to crawl into a ball and run away. But I'm so glad we didn't. Once the dust settled, God blessed us with super obvious confirmations that we had gone where He was sending us. 

September set the rhythm of our lives here in Mexico. A few weeks into the move, we were really settling into life in a new country. So it only made sense that my blog posts showcased our new life.

Some Mexico Highlights:

I also disclosed my first Blogger secret and reflected on my most favorite memory!

Oh October, how you refreshed me! Technically, the Influence Conference was at the end of September, but the rest and community God knew I needed from that weekend stayed with me as I used this month to reflect on the things He taught me while I was there: like how I need to stop playing the comparison game. October also marked three years since God changed us forever through the loss of our first child - and it hit me like a ton of grace-filled bricks.

November was the month when I finally became an adult! Ok, I realize I had been a legal adult for 12 years prior, but something about turning thirty makes it feel legit. This year has represented so much - nothing more than the fact that my dreams have officially come true.

This December was the first time I officially observed Advent which totally changed Christmas for me. I also completely had my heart wrecked (in a good way) by a little girl who got the home she always dreamed of.

A lot of people choose a word for the upcoming year. Life is always a surprise so I wouldn't even know where to begin. Instead, I've chosen a word to represent the past year: 
This was a year of change indeed. Not only have I changed where I live and what I do professionally, but I also felt a change in the tides of my life in general. I finally feel like an adult. Like I'm able to look back on my days as a youth and actually understand some of it. I feel wiser. With that wisdom comes the knowledge that I actually don't know all that much. Funny how that works.

What I do know is that the gospel is real and alive. I know that without Christ, I would be a huge mess. And I know that at this moment, I'm where He wants me to be. Thank you God for 2013.

Come back tomorrow, when I share my hopes and goals for 2014!