Maybe it's the start of a fresh, new year, but I'm feeling extremely motivated this week. From house cleaning to cooking to blogging - I've got a supernatural energy. And Hallelujah I needed it!

It's the statement heard round the world - CHRISTMAS IS EXHAUSTING! and Wonderful. Definitely wonderful.

But there is just something about Dec. 26th.

I like to call it: CALM.

Silent night, Holy night.
All is calm. All is bright.
Round yon virgen - Mother and child.
Holy infant, so tender and mild.
Sleep in heavenly peace.
Sleep in heavenly peace.

I get it. The day of Jesus' birth was likely a hectic one. From what I hear about childbirth, well, it's quite the ordeal. But then, everything calms down, and baby Jesus sleeps. Mary sleeps.

All is calm. The future is bright.

I experienced a little of this Post-Christmas Day calm myself this year: This was our first Christmas with "kids" (aka the 30 children at our home everyday in Mexico) and it was magical and full in the best of ways. We came back to our Texas home Christmas night and I think I slept until 9:30 the following day.

I was sleeping in some heavenly peace, I tell ya.

Now I'm feeling rejuvenated and ready to embrace 2014 for all that it has to offer. It's a fresh new page and I'm ready to write God's story with my life.

Up this week:

  • A video spoof with my band (did you know I'm in a band? It even has it's own name. Legit.)
  • A look back at 2013. Always one of my favorite posts to write. I love looking back at all that the previous year held.
  • An announcement! I've been working on a covert operation and I'm ready to share!
  • A post on using your gifts (and I'm not talking about the ones under the tree.)
  • And a product review for a shop that gives back.
One thing that is helping me to get organized for the new year is my Whitney English Day Designer.

I met Whitney at the Influence Conference this year. We ended up in the same dinner group (thanks to Ashlee!) And I think this dinner was quite possibly my favorite of the whole conference. I barely knew anyone, and the ones I did know I only knew to a certain (online) level.

We went around the table and laid it all out there. This was no "hi. My name is Kerrie and I'm live in ____" kind of introduction. This was a "spill your heart out - share your passions - give us the whole story" dinner conversation. I sat amazed at how our common love of Jesus and using our online voice to glorify Him brought us together so quickly.

After a crazy first few months here in Mexico and feeling like my life was a series of deadlines all piled up in my brain, I knew I had to do something to get more organized. I remembered Whitney and knew I wanted to support her business - not just because she makes high-quality goal-setting planners, but because of her story. She's real and she loves Jesus. 

The only problem with the Day Designer is that it's so gorgeous that I don't want to mess it up with my horrible handwriting! (someone teach me how to write more beautifully, please!)

How are you getting ready for the new year?