La Mesa = Table.
And that concludes our spanish lesson for the day. ;)

I just got home from one of THE best weeks in Mexico, to date. Like I mentioned over the weekend, our home church from Alabama sent a mission team for the week of Thanksgiving to build a house and share Jesus with our village and we couldn't have been happier to have them here for the holiday! 

The week started with a huge feast where, together with another local church, we were able to serve dinner to everyone in our colonia, and even had enough for people to take a plate home to save for later.

As we prepared for the fiesta, we began to worry about how the day would turn out. According to the weather man, the chances of rain were 70% all day long and the temperature had dropped 40 degrees in one day! We prayed and God graciously held back the rain the entire day. In fact, it was supposed to rain all week, but it only ever rained at night (ALL NIGHT for the first few days of the trip!)  Again, we find ourselves amazed by God's power. I never ceased to be amazed by Him.

From morning until night, we enjoyed community with our neighborhood and home church. From eating around the table to sharing stories around the fire, it was a wonderful start to an even more incredible week.

More to come...