I've got a confession: I'm not always MERRY + BRIGHT. 
I know I know, this is coming as a huge shock to you. *sarcasm*

Sometimes, I find myself smack down in the middle of a Christmas tradition, full of anxiety and stress over what is or could go wrong. This is where I realize I'm missing it.

MERRY + BRIGHT isn't being pinterest perfect or impressive in an instagram world. MERRY + BRIGHT is losing yourself in the incredible joy that comes with acknowledging a savior who came in the unlikeliest of ways - as a tender babe - and saved a people from themselves. 

So get messy.
Burn the cookies.
Spill the glitter.

Have fun. Be with family. Serve others in gladness.
Spend quality time with the Lord.

Christmas is a mere 7 days away. May those days be MERRY + BRIGHT. And all about Jesus. 

*I have to bring attention to the second photo of me and Martin [Mar-teen]. Martin is one of three brothers whom I had never met until we moved to Mexico for good. He and his brothers are at our house every.single.day. They constantly make me smile with their hugs, humor, and seriously sweet dispositions. He's one of those kids I want everyone to meet (so if you ever come, get ready to meet him because he's great!) I say all of this because, in typical Mexico form, he's not smiling in this picture, despite the fact that he smiles all of the time! I swear he loves me, even though he kind of looks like he wants to run away from me here. In fact, it was HIS idea to take the picture! Oy-vay.