We just got back from a very long/short (funny how a span of time can feel both) vacay to visit some of our family, spanning the three states of Florida, North Carolina, and Alabama. If only we could have stopped in Mississippi and Oregon as well. (our family covers a good portion of the continental U.S.) 

After just 4 months of living in a new state/country, far from our family and childhood friends, this was a refreshing reprieve. I didn't blog much, I hardly took any pictures (not even with my phone) but I did drink a lot of coffee. 

Now, you might find yourself tempted to think I'm exaggerating; so let me prove it so:  At my favorite coffee spot, I have a costumer card. For every twelve coffees, you get your thirteenth free. I earned three free coffees in a two week period.

Told you.

Do I regret it? Nope. Not one bit.

The trip centered around good time with friends, lots of game nights, dinners out, home cooked meals, and we even squeezed in a photo shoot with the very talented and incredibly sweet Mandy Owens

Home now, I'm filling up my planner with blog design projects (thank you to those who have asked me to help them rebrand! I love being involved in your "makeover") and preparing for the Valley United Conference where I'll be helping lead worship, meal planning, print design inspirations, trips and upcoming visitors. 

The hours don't seem to last nearly as long as I'd like, and I'm struggling to get out of bed before 8:30am which frankly I don't mind but getting up earlier WOULD help me get more things done in my day.

Speaking of which, I should probably get a move on. I've got grocery stores and coffee shops to visit. Maybe I'll even try to fit in a workout… but probably not.