Have you ever thought to yourself, "how will I (we) (they) (our nation) (believers) ever get past this?" You can look back throughout history and see that yes, I (we) (they) (our nation) (believers) have gotten through this before... but when in the thisness, escape or reconciliation can so often seem impossible.

My future hangs on this:
You made preciousness from dust.
Please don't stop creating me.
- The Rend Collection

I find myself feeling this way constantly. When I've said something that hurts my husband, when I make a promise to God and then break it over and over again, when I look at our nation and see a world seeking something to worship and finding it in all the wrong places, and when I read stories or visit other countries to hear of believers being injured and threatened and enduring great suffering for their faith in the Maker.

Always inside this mess
I have found forgiveness
Mercy infinite as You.

Oh Your cross it changes everything.
Where my world begins again with You.
Oh Your cross is where my hope restarts,
A second chance is heaven's heart.
- The Rend Collection

Looking back to my feelings of helplessness... yesterday, last week, this morning... I'm faced with the truth that God is a God of second chances. and third. and forth. and countless.

It's not over. It's not too late for us. God controls time and space and has already declared His victory.  So while the world may look dark, don't forget that He is the light. He is the God who restores ruined cities. He is the God who restores ruined people.

Countless second chances 
we've been given at the cross.
Countless second chances 
we've been given at the cross.
- The Rend Collective