ONE | I am quickly marking things off my list. Some of them multiple times. (I'm lookin' at you Jamokas!)

TWO | I saw this beautiful white bull on the side of the road yesterday and just HAD to stop for a picture. I then stepped into a huge puddle of thick mud. At least that's what I'm telling myself it was.


THREE | We have 5 days left in Alabama. It feels both long and short. We've gotten to spend time with a ton of people and still have lots of plans to do so which is so great :)

FOUR | I'm nervous about getting pictures done on Monday! WHAT DO I WEAR? and hair? To curl or not to curl… that is the question! And I'm really tempted to throw on the red lipstick. I did claim 2014 as the year of lipstick after all…

And FIVE | I am quickly filling up my Day Designer with trips and visits from friends and family which I did NOT expect after our move. This year is rounding out to look P R E T T Y good :)

soo…. what's going on with you?