I mentioned a few days ago how thrilled I was to share something I've had up my sleeve for about a month now (and in my mind for much longer than that) and today's the day!


I've wanted to open a print shop for well over a year now, but I could never get past the: "it won't be good enough"s and the "there are already people doing that"s. 

What I've come to realize, however, is that we all have a voice, a talent, a gift, and a viewpoint. None are more or less worthy than another. God created us to be dreamers. He wants us to try new things and take these adventures along the way. There is no failure, only experience. 

So this is me, chasing a fun, exciting dream - small as it may be - of stretching my graphic design skills, learning new things, encouraging others to live Life on a Mission and reminding myself to do so as well. 

The Scriptures in my shop are some of the ones that are speaking to my life right now. They encourage me, they challenge me, they give me rest. Today I invite you to visit my shop, take a look around, and enjoy 14% OFF your order now until January 4th with code HELLO2014. 

(storyboard layout courtesy of Vol.25) 

All prints are professionally printed on high-quality paper