Big things are happening. Dreams are being pursued. Wild ideas are finding their feet.

Have you ever found yourself with a passion for change and then thought, "nah.. too big. Gotta think smaller…"

I have. And when I really think about it, it all boils down to pride and insecurities (often one in the same.)

How in the world can I make (fill in the blank) happen? I don't have the skill set, the money, the faith.

Isaiah 60:1 says, "Let your light shine for all to see. For the glory of the Lord rises to shine on you."
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Did you know that you have the ability to get things done? Stop for a moment and really think about the glory of the Lord. If you have surrendered your life to Christ, you carry the light of the world. The glory of the Lord "rises to shine on you!"

Today I want to highlight three friends (one's a really special friend) who are letting their light shine and chasing big, crazy, life-changing passions.

1. My husband (told you one was really special ;)

Wade is one of the most giving and compassionate people I know. Just yesterday he wrote the following on Facebook:

I've got something big I want to do. Project Paola.
One of our neighbor families in Mexico that are uber special to us live in one of small houses that Roy and other missionaries built years ago. These houses are small but sufficient for keeping dry. The family is a mom & dad and four girls. Three of the girls are small, 5,6,&7 years old. The oldest girl, Paola, is 14. She is smart. Really smart! She tested into a school for gifted kids and has always been first in her class. She is considered the poor girl at her school and tears flow from my eyes as I write this, thinking of the teasing that kids are so good at dishing out. However, I have a really strong feeling that she will one day bring her family out of poverty and that brings tears of joy. She is brave. So to the idea, This family all sleep in one big bed that is in their 12x24 house. It's hard for me to imagine a 14 year old girl having to sleep with her whole family every night...especially my neighbor. So, I can't stand it and have to do something about it. I want to build onto their house another room for Paola and fix some termite damage on one end of their house. I'm so compelled to see this done, that I told her the other day about the idea and I told her, it WILL be done. So if something happens to me, someone please make sure I didn't lie. Please pray for this project. It needs to happen, we just need some funds for it.

I've completely lost all train of thought after writing that last paragraph. Probably b/c tears and snot are running down my face. I just want to thank all of you for your encouragement and prayers. That's what I covet the most from you. And thank you to the Auburn fan who just handed me tissue. I see Alabama sky's ahead. God Bless.


Later that day, Wade's brother (a dreamer by nature) decided to pursue this dream with Wade and together they started spreading the word and asking for 100 people to give $20 each to raise the money needed to complete Paola's bedroom and fix the termite damage. 

Let's just say my email was going off all night with donations. People are amazing. Before I could even share it here, the goal was met and then surpassed.

2. Emily Smith and the MissionMexico: Nutrition Project
Inspired by all who got on board with the Paola Project, Emily from Matthew 28:19 kickstarted her own fundraiser to help provide nutritional drinks to some of the people in our village with special needs. Already, she's half way to her goal of $600! If you'd like to help or learn more about this project, read it in her words here.

UPDATE: As of 1/10/14 (a full day after writing this post) this fundraiser was also completed! 

3. Carly Skinner and her mission to Bring Titus Home
Carly Skinner from This is My Story is in the process of bringing home their son Titus from Africa. If you haven't heard, adoption is hard. And expensive. And a long long process. It takes perseverance and passion and a whole lotta Jesus. Carly has all three of these qualities and her children (present and future) are so blessed to have her as "mama." Right now, Carly is partnering with Jill from 99 WPM to help raise the funds still needed to bring Titus Home by selling these gorgeous tshirtsI got mine yesterday!

Want to get involved? I've got multiple ways for you to do just that!

 Check out the links below:

MissionMexico:Nutrition (UPDATE: Fundraiser met!)


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