I find it hard to believe we've been gone long enough to have earned a home visit, but here we are: four months post-move, four months of living in a completely new place, doing completely new things. And now we get to visit Wade's side of our family and our Alabama friends. (I also worked in side trips to see a niece and my nephew in their respective states while we're so close to the East Coast)

I'm so glad to be back with these people we miss so much, and at the same time I'm missing our kids and neighbors and family in our colonia as well. So, what better time than now to stare at share these adorable pictures of a few of them?

Wade found these monster pops and basically was crowned King of the coolest. I mean, let's face it. It's pretty genius. Who ever said don't play with your food obviously didn't have monster pops.


(seriously, where were these when we threw Landon's monster party, huh Kris?)