Did y'all know Valentines Day is in like, TWO WEEKS? 

When I think back to my first Valentines Day with Wade, I do so with fondness (and a little embarrassment.) We had only been dating about two months. I stayed up the night before making candy FROM SCRATCH and even put them in hand-designed boxes, all tied up together in a sweet little package. 

He got me an iPod.

He wins.

I'm joking of course, he loved my chocolates and candy. In fact, he still has the boxes to this day (which also embarrasses me a little.) But he kept them because they meant something to him. They showed my love and care for him.

So, this valentines day I've got another "handmade" gift idea in mind and I thought I'd offer a little option for one of your own! That's why today I'm offering 20% off in my Print Shop. This valentine's day, consider giving the gift of scripture to your spouse, your mom, your roommates, or who ever else you want to shed love on this year. And hey, don't forget to show yourself a little love as well. I've even added a new print for the occasion.
Use code GIVELOVE to get your 20% off now until February 14th. 
Order by February 6th for a Valentines delivery date!

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