Here's a little somethin' you might not know about me: I'm in a band. Yep. That's right.

Ok I just have to pause here and laugh at myself. I am so not cool enough to be in a band. Oy.

We are mainly the worship band for Logos Community Church but occasionally the band is asked to lead worship or play for other events - like when we played for this HUGE CROWD at the City Christmas festival (you're really gonna want to click on that link. It's worth a good laugh.)

As we prepared to move to south Texas/Mexico, one of the hardest thing to leave was my Lifepoint worship team family. I loved leading worship with my church in Alabama and I hated to lose that. I never thought I would end up doing the same thing at a new church here in Texas. And I definitely didn't think it would happen so soon! I think I started singing with the band about 3 weeks in. (umm, God? Is that you?)

God has really used Once Prodigals to stretch me: from leading nearly the entire worship set, to leading the vocal worship for the women's conference (where you speak in-between songs, read scripture, and pray throughout), and I even picked up an instrument for the first time!

That's right ladies and 'gents. I'm an official musician (see video below and then realize I'm totally exaggerating.)

Anyways, I thought today would be a great day to give you a little peek at me and some of the band members gettin' our jam on.

Here's the set up: Have you ever seen this skit on Jimmy Fallon? The whole point is a band playing a real song on small instruments - taking it all very seriously. Well, we have a big conference coming up where we will be leading in worship and so we decided it would be a fun idea to make a spoof of the Jimmy Fallon skit at a little promo. Enjoy :)