Our life is full of "God, what crazy-loving-kind of Father are you to let us to THIS?" moments. Like last week when Wade was asked to escort his Amigo's bride down the isle for their wedding. She doesn't have family and so they wanted him to do it. We were both floored and super honored to hold such a cherished place in the hearts of our friends. I got to take the photos, which is becoming one of my regular gigs down here. In fact, I had a birthday party to shoot the same week. They always look at the pictures and exclaim: que claro! I took way too many (per usual) and had the hardest time narrowing it down to a reasonable amount (reasonable by my standards of course ;) to share with you all.

Francis and Lilia have been "married" for many years already and have three beautiful daughters to show for it, but since they are relatively new believers, they had never had a wedding before God and the church and they wanted to do that to honor Him with their union. They are moving soon to live as missionaries themselves in south Mexico and we are already missing them. It will be so sad not to see them regularly, but my soul is so glad to see them following the call to go unto the whole world proclaiming the gospel! Join me in prayer for Francis, Lilia, Yaeli, Karla, and Melissa as they chase after Jesus as a family.