A few months ago, Wade mentioned in a Facebook status that he wanted to add a room onto a house in our village for a teen who studies really hard (even tested into a great school) who currently shares a bed with her parents and three small siblings. Because she was so driven, he wanted to reward her with a space of her own. Also, their house was termite infested and he was looking to fix that as well.

Twenty four hours later, people had been compelled to donate and the amount totaled more than double what the original project would cost. And just like that, a new dream was born. 

You see, we had been planning to also build a small building near their house to open a small thrift store for some of the extra donations that come in. The mother in this family would run it and it would provide income for her and a few other ladies. So, when we were blessed with this incredible abundance, the plans were set: We would be building a new house - one that included a room for Paola and an upstairs loft area for her little sisters to use as bedrooms as well - and converting their old house into the thrift store.

Don't you love when God pulls things together?

This week, with Wade's brother and one of our friends in town to visit, we began that project. It rained, which slowed things down, but in spite of bad weather, so much was accomplished. Our missionary partners as well as some of the guys in the village worked so hard for two days straight while me and the mother of the new home, along with some kids, put on the primer.

The house still has a few things to be done of the next few weeks as groups come in to help, but the girls are already so excited! As are we! I can't wait to give the house a coat of Royal Blue (as requested) and help Paola set up her room, complete with a bed of her own and a desk for her studies.  The little girls have already invited Wade and I over for a sleep over in their loft and I'm sure the parents are happy to finally have a little more space to sleep at night!