We've now lived in Mexico for 4 major holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Valentine's Day. After the first few passed by, I began to feel really compelled to not miss out on the great opportunities that come with special days to get the kids together and share about how Jesus applies to that holiday.

I had big plans for Valentines Day... well, until I realized that it was less than a week away and I hadn't actually done anything to make those plans happen! A quick late-night run to Walmart for some construction paper would have to do.

As I passed out the paper and markers I encouraged the kids to write things that showed them God loves them. I had no idea what they'd end up writing, but the finished product truly blessed my heart. Over and over I saw names written: family members, Wade and I (Marcoz y Kerin), the names of God and Jesus... they turned out beautifully :)

We passed out little boxes of chocolate to our kids as well (which they devoured in SECONDS! Wade and I like to pass out fig-newtons, so chocolate was a treat *wink*) and they took off on their projects. When finished, we hung them up in the kitchen for all to see (well, taped them. I forgot to buy string. Oops!)

Even the boys got into it! Not just got into it, but make some seriously cool hearts with wings and crowns and all kinds of crazy stuff I never would have dreamed up.

These littles are our Valentine's this year. We have each other, of course, but we can't ignore the blessing God has given us in these kids. So often I find myself standing in the midst of kids -- playing, laughing, singing -- and think: Wow. How did I get so lucky to spend my days like this?