Another week of February is upon us. This shortest month of the year is becoming one of my favorites. I think it's all of the pink and red and lovey-dovey you can't help but see around every corner.  Just last week, Wade and I took four of our girls from the village who are attending boarding school here in the U.S. out for the evening. One of our stops included a trip to Walmart where Valentines Day had literally exploded. You should have seen the girls! Oohing and Aahing over every pink draped item in the shop. Grabbing the larger than life teddy bears for a picture and even insisting on picking out a few valentines to gift to us (we picked some out for them too!)

There is just something about being reminded that your loved: whether from your spouse, your friend, you parents, your children, or classmates. Don't you miss the days of handing out cute little valentines in school? I can't tell you how many times I've been tempted to grab a pack in the store, only to remember I have no classmates to pass them out to. *tragic*

Have you been feeling loved lately? One of the favorite tasks of the enemy is to make sure you don't feel loved. The enemy takes pleasure in distracting us, especially this time of year, from the One who loves us most. God loves you, do you know it?

Or, are you believing the lie? Are you allowing satan to steal your joy and tell you you're alone, you're unloved, you're not worthy? This Thursday, Kerry (Glory in the Valley) and I want to encourage you to toss off those false labels, whatever they may be, and experience the grace that comes from claiming our true Names in Christ: loved, cherished, oh-so-worth-it. 

We will be hosting another round of "Hello, My Name Is" this Thursday, February 13th (the day before Valentines Day!) and hope that you will join us in tossing off the false labels that have been placed on you (by others, by yourself, by circumstance...) and instead embrace the truth of who you are in Christ.

You only have to link up with one of us, as our blogs will be interlinked. See you Thursday!

Hello My Name Is

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