Welcome to another edition of Hello My Name Is ________! Kerry, Danielle and I are so happy to have you join us today as we put a name to the lies we allow ourselves to believe, toss off the false labels we've placed on ourselves or let other place on us, and claim our true identities in Christ!

To join us, simply write a post sharing the label you've been believing and then share with us your new name found in Christ! Link up on one of our pages with your new name and take some time today to visit the other ladies linking up. Let's celebrate the truth together!
It's amazing that no many how many times we do this linkup, I'm always able to identify a new label I've placed on myself that screams opposition to who God says I am. As I reflect on the lies I'm allowing myself to believe, I find that I've allowed myself to believe myself to be seriously flawed, prideful, selfish, and a hurtful person.

Here's the thing: it's true.
Here's the other thing: GOD'S GRACE.

God's grace covers me. Yes, I do allow myself to walk in the ways of pride, selfishness... I allow myself to be hurtful. But grace, oh grace. Grace covers me. Grace covers my imperfections. Grace heals. Grace humbles. 

Grace tells me that my unloveliness can never make me unlovable. 

God makes me lovely: an impossible feat without His power that runs through me. 

One of the main ways God shows me that I am loved in spite of (fill in the blank) is through my husband. I've said it before and I'll say it a million more times: He is such a strong picture of Jesus in my life. The grace of God is expressed through him daily. He encourages me, challenges me to lay down the things that I'm holding on to in fear, to call out the lies for what they really are.

Just the other day, I was feeling incredibly insecure. I was sure that everyone around me thought of me as a failure and disappointment. I told him how I was feeling and he encouraged me to talk about it: to put words to those feeling and expose the enemy's schemes. I did (after a LOT of hesitation) and you guys -- the enemy had no power over me. I was surrounded with believers who listened and encouraged and prayed over me. What a humbling experience.

The enemy wants you to believe that you are unlovable. That you're not worth it. That you are a walking wrecking ball. Don't believe it! It's not true. God loves you. His grace makes you worthy. He sacrifice says you're worthy!  The God of heaven loves you. HE LOVES YOU. You are unconditionally loved by Him. 

I am unconditionally loved. I am unconditionally lovable.

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