We've really been enjoying our fall winter.

Weather here in South Texas/Mexico has been A-MAZ-ING. In fact, we raked this past weekend. IN FEBRUARY. What is this madness??

While we don't technically get a winter, we have had a really long fall. And, since fall is my favorite, I'm trying to get the most I possibly can out of it before the 8 months of summer hit. 120 degrees.. say it ain't so!

We had some friends in town last week who brought over these kites and the kids absolutely loved them. And I think our neighbors enjoyed watching/laughing at Wade and I as we ran up and down the road trying to get them off the ground ;) We even got a few pointers.

That's what I love about our village. It's real community. Everyone knows everyone, they invite themselves into your daily life without apology or worry of interfering, they share, the expose their need, they dine together and don't worry when their children are playing at your house for hours on end. It's a different world and I find myself longing for the same community when we're in the states. (Well... maybe I don't want the neighbor's kids over all the time... I need SOME "me" time!) But the transparency and open-invitation is so refreshing.

I've noticed a greater appreciation of community within the church over the past few years and love the effects it is having on our lives personally. It's important to have other believers to share your life with. There is always something you can learn from them, always ways in which you can serve each other. Community can be a truly enriching experience. Have you ever experienced community like that?