Can we just talk about how rich I am? 
In fact, I've got more paper than I know what to do with!

Ok, so it's not the green kind... but this paper is worth far more than dollar bills.

Almost every day (many time a day) when we're in Mexico, we get these sweet little notes, pictures, and cards from the kids. Sometimes they even include confetti, which is my favorite ;)

The kids carefully construct paper envelopes that stick (don't ask me how!) and fill them up with love for Wade (Marcos) and I. I've got stacks everywhere. They're on the shelves in our room, I have a binder full (for the sake of trying to be organized), they're falling out of my bag and scattered on my desk. And I love it.

I already image Wade and I looking back at these many years down the road and feeling that same love all over again. Thank you God for making us so incredibly rich.