This is basically what my husband told me tonight. Apparently I don't blog as often as he would prefer. I mean, calm down! It's only been one, two, three, four, ... five days... ok I see your point.

I think his exact words were: "if you don't blog, you'll lose your community! And your job!" (I'm technically unemployed so... you're guess is a good as mine)

And I'm pretty sure, as he was walking out the door to turn off the sprinklers he dramatically cried, "and our marriage! Our marriage!!"

So, in other news: my husband is a drama king. He's also my biggest fan. Ya gotta give him that.

All that to say, here I am at 10:30pm (because I plan to sleep way past 8am if I can help it) writing up a blog post to save my marriage. (I'm kidding, in case that didn't come across)

But really. Life. It's been very full lately and I'm really enjoying it. The print shop's still moving along and I'm working on three blog designs right now with a few on the list for March. The girls I'm working with right now are AWESOME (You know who you are!)

Also I'm kind of embarrassed to share, although I don't know why, but I'm currently 12 days into a 24 day Advocare Challenge.

Honestly, when I first heard about Advocare I was like, oh goody. the newest trend. *said sarcastically of course* but then it went and sucked me in like all good trends do; and I gotta say: I LOVE IT.  I feel so good. It's not been that hard (the first few days were the worst. I missed coke like a BEAST!) but now I am finding I'm addicted to water and am really enjoying all of the cooking I've been forced to do in order to eat a protein/veggie diet as opposed to the flour tortilla and refried beans one I was currently on. And y'all. I have not cheated. Not even on Valentine's Day! WHO AM I?? I'll probably do an Advocare before/after post when it's all said and done for anyone who might be interested.
*hint: it works

I've also been working out again, which I told myself there was no time for. Guess what? There is! I just had to make time. I'm still struggling to figure out how to exercise in Mexico because I'm literally never alone.

Go ahead and suggest running with the kids... I hate running. I tried liking it, I really did! Also, the roads are crazy-bad so I'm gonna go ahead and say no to bike riding too. I'm not that good at it to begin with. I guess I'll be jumping on the trampoline with them until I can figure something out. Suggestions welcome.

Another thing that has made life really full and busy (in a good way) is our growing community here in McAllen. I'm so so thankful to God for putting me on a worship team so quickly after our move because it has been the platform for some really great friendships! In fact, this week we hosted our first monthly "poker night/game night" and the house was FULL. I loved it so much.

Coming up this week (what's left of it) I hope to share some photos from a wedding in Mexico, write a few posts on some really cool (and really convicting) stuff God's been teaching me, and maybe even give away some Life On a Mission prints!

Ok babe. I did it. I wrote words and I enjoyed it :) Yes, it bugs me that there's no picture, but sometimes you just gotta let it go.

So tell me, what's going on in your life? Does anyone guilt you into remind you to post? And don't forget those "while in Mexico surrounded by 30 kids in 90 degree weather" workout tips! I'm all ears!