Remember last year when we took one week and changed a family's life forever by giving them a new home and new opportunities? And before that when we blessed this same family's oldest daughter Julissa with a quinceañera? Well, their youngest daughter Kathia is officially turning fifteen this May and I volunteered us (as in me and Wade and anyone else who wants to get involved) to sponsor her dress :)

A traditional quinceañera is a HUGE party with a HUGE cake (or fifteen) and an especially HUGE dress. It's a coming of age and a right of passage in the Mexican culture. Most girls pick a color theme and you can believe anything that can be that color will be that color. 

I asked Kathia (the birthday girl) what color she was going to chose and she basically answered ALL OF THEM
"De colores" to be exact. A rainbow of color. And, as any normal teenage girl would, she's already got a dress in mind. We're going to "check it out" next Tuesday (aka check that price tag as they can run as high as $700!!)  

I'd love to give her the dress of her dreams (Lord, please don't let it be that much!) so here's my idea:

All this week, I'll be running a TWO for $20 special in my shop (that's $4 off regular price!) and every penny (from all sales/bundles) will go to help Kathia get the dress of her dreams. Want to help? Check out my print shop and choose the "TWO for $20" option on the Shop Home Page. Make sure to write which prints you want in the notes section upon checkout!

What do you say?


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