Dear Wade,
I'd be hard pressed to find something in this world that melts my heart more than watching you, day in and day out, as you carry sweet Dulce around the village with you wherever you go. Her most common phrase when it comes to you is, "carry me!"  And you always oblige.

I love you for that. I love you for being a strong and loving male example in a culture where the men are so often absent or so busy working to provide for their families that even if they wanted to, they couldn't spend that kind of time with their children. I love that God called us here for you to be that for them. It's my prayer that you will be an example to the men in our village who might see gentleness as a weakness. And it's my prayer that this child and all the others will experience the love of a Heavenly Father through you.

I love you a million times over.
You're Girl,