You're a dreamer. I'm not sure that's something I knew about you when we got married. But the more and more you lead us in living our lives for Christ and His people, the more and more I see the dreamer developing in you. You have big ideas. Not just of gifting a teenage girl her own room, but in how you desire to live your life in general. Your twitter feed is filled with challenges to live a radical life. You're mind is always turning, searching for ways to serve me as your wife. You're making plans and chasing things I would have found far too nerve-wracking. You are living your life with abandon.

The fact that you asked me to make this specific verse into a print is proof. I mean, who picks this as their mantra for life? And how did I get so blessed to marry the man that did? I'm led well by you, babe. I'm sure you don't always think that's true, but it is. You lead me well. Very simply, thank you.

Love, You're Girl