Thanks to many of you who have signed up for stitch fix with my referral, I had a good chunk of referral credits in my stitch fix bank just waiting to be used! This week, I finally cashed in. Here's what I got, what I thought, and how I could use some help!!

Kahlo Embroidered Racerback Tank
pros: the color is fun and vibrant and it covered everything it's supposed to cover.
cons: the cut is a bit weird to me. You can see in the middle picture how it curves upward in the front. I don't get it. I looks fine sitting down or with my hands in my pocket, but let's be honest: I'm not gonna be doing that most of the time (or spending money *even free money* on a shirt that doesn't work for all occasions.)
verdict: sending it back.

Yoshi Embroidery Detail Tank
pros: I really really want to love this top. The color, the embroidery, I just love it all... aesthetically.
cons: In person, I feel like the hi-low is a bit extreme, but that's something I could look past. The real kicker is that it's just not wide enough "up top" and from the side you can see my under tank where you shouldn't be seeing ANYTHING! *hair strategically placed*
verdict: sending it back due to fit.

Inna Striped Racerback Maxi Dress
pros: none.
cons: many. haha but really, I do not like anything about this dress other than the fact that it's long. It was way too big (I had to tie the straps together to keep it up!) and I just don't think this kind of cut with the bunching at the waistline is flattering. Also, the wide sideways stripes make me feel.. well, wide. Not something I usually go for when picking out clothing ;)
verdict: sending it back. Not my style.

Farah Fit & Flare Striped Dress
pros: another one I really wanted to love. I love the stripes and the fit and the length 
cons: but there were several seaming issues (pointed out below and another to the right that you can see plus some along the waistline.)
verdict: going back.
*update: Stitchfix customer service said I could have this one for a 15% discount if I think it's fixable (they don't have any more in stock.) Not sure it's fixable, but I appreciate their fast and friendly service
Nolen Tribal Print Henley Tank
pros: I really like the print and the collar!
cons: I like this tank, but I wonder if I'll still like it a few months down the road? If I saw it in the store, I think I'd be tempted but I also think I might put it back. I just don't know! I think it's because the navy part is a jersey fabric and I'm not a huge fan of that. 
verdict: I seriously can't make up my mind. HELP!

If I buy the shirt, I can use the $20 referral credit I've already spent plus I have enough credits to cover the rest of the cost and I'd be able to schedule another fix where I could get another item for free with my remaining credits. OR I can send it all back, lose the $20 referral credits I spent on this one, and have more credits available on the next. What should I do?

Overall, stitch fix is a fun experience, especially if you're able to earn from referral credits! And even though I didn't love everything in this fix, I will definitely give it another go with the credits I have left. Who knows? The next box may be the jackpot ;)

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