When we first moved to Mexico, I was on high-lice-alert. Read: I washed my hair with lice treatments every two weeks. Read: I was paranoid. It's not because lice are more common in Mexico. Trust me, I had my fair share in elementary school. I was cautious because, in my experience, if one kid gets it, they all do! And we are around kids constantly! 

The longer we lived here, the less I worried about it. Until last week, that is, when my head started itching like CRAZY. This was different. I couldn't SLEEP it was so bad. I bought a treatment and tried to teach my husband what a lice looked like as he tried to learn how to even part long hair! Let's just say, it wasn't going well. I called my mommy (cause that's who you really need in situations like these!) but she lives 12 hours away. She gave me some advice and three days later I did another treatment just in case. 

Just as I expected, all that week we had parents coming to our house for lice shampoo and tea tree oil because ALL OF THE KIDS HAD IT. 

Some friends came to visit and we got on the subject of lice. Mostly to calm my fears, I asked one of them to take a look at my hair *just in case.  The results were not as desired. While they couldn't see any live/moving lice, they did find some nits (lice eggs). *I get jittery just thinking about it!

I did another treatment that night and washed everything I could possibly wash. I boiled my hair brushes and sprayed everything with lice spray. 

Then, last night I did yet ANOTHER treatment (read: I'm seriously paranoid) and my husband painstakingly combed through my hair for well over an hour until we were sure it was ALL gone.


As a guy, Wade didn't have any experience with those pesky little bugs and had no idea what a chore it was to get rid of them. If it's even possible, I think I love him even more now.

I'm now arming myself with tea tree oil in all of my shampoos in hopes of preventing this from happening EVER AGAIN. But, in all likelihood, it probably will. Because there's absolutely zero chance that I'm gonna stop loving on those kids, giving them hugs, letting them play in our room - Lice or no lice (although I definitely prefer no lice.)

Ps: we're now accepting lice treatment and tea tree oil donations.