My worlds collided this week when Chelsea from Taste and See found herself in the same city as the one where we live in Texas for Spring Break. She took two of her days and crossed the border with us into Mexico to see what our life looks like over there. (Oddly, she only got a glimpse because for some reason, we only had about half the kids we normally do and the ones we DID have are obsessed with the PlayStation Wade recently brought over so they were huddled around the TV in our room most of the day ;) Maybe that's why their eyes are so squinty in this picture. They hadn't quite adjusted to the light of day yet ;)

I'm kidding (mostly) but even though the days she came were on the quieter end, she did get to meet some of our family - and even eat with our awesome mama neighbor - she got to hear our caveman spanish, experience the daily needs that arise in the village, and we even spent a little time on the trampoline *no surprise there!*

Honestly, I wish Chelsea could have stayed longer! It was so much fun having her around both in Texas and Mexico (even though she was actually here to see her boyfriend... I'm just telling myself it was all for me!) I love that blogging initially brought us together but a common love for Jesus (and Mexican culture) is what solidified our friendship.

We have dreams of bringing a whole group of bloggers down here at some point and I do believe it will happen one day - hopefully sooner than later. I have no doubt it will be AMAZING!

Until then, consider this your personal invitation! Come down any time! We'd LOVE to have you!

I'll be your best friend ;)