Something the Lord pressed upon me when we moved to South Texas/Mexico was desire for community. A few weeks into our move, we decided to visit a church called Logos Community which is where I met Ashley. Her husband Josh is one of the pastors at Logos and Ashley is on the worship team.  I think we initially bonded over our common love for Shane and Shane *the harmonies* I must have plugged my blog (it's becoming part of my introduction... I'm not sure if that's awesome or awkward) because a few weeks later, I was being asked to fill in for Ashley with the worship team. THAT WEEK.  

You see, Ashley had seen a video of me on one of my last Sundays at our church back in Alabama (Hi Lifepoint! I miss you!!) and made the recommendation to the Logos worship leader. A few days later, I was singing with Once Prodigals and have been a member of the worship team ever since! 

Being a part of a worship team was the one thing I felt I was giving up with our move that I didn't expect to have here. Truly I didn't see it as an option.  *It's cool. I'm wrong pretty often. I'm getting used to it ;)

I'm so thankful to Ashley for reaching out to me. Through her, I have gained an awesome community in our band; they are so incredibly life-giving and challenge me to constantly speak the gospel over myself, my family, and those around me.  But I've also gained community with her and her husband. Wade and I love hanging out with them. She reminds me so much of my sister in law Audrey in that she's easy to be around. I can be really shy around new people and feel anxiety over carrying on conversation, but Ashley makes it easy. She also sees things in me (like anxiety and fear) and doesn't shy away from asking me about it and speaking life into those situations. Can you tell I'm thankful for her?

Anyways, I say all this to say that Ashley is now an official blogger! I had the privilege of designing her new space and am obsessed! The colors are so rich and the story is even richer. Take a few minutes to visit her space, read her story and tell her I sent you! You're going to love her!

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