Being interrupted is a struggle for me.  I don't mean the kind of interruption that happens when you're in the middle of a conversation and someone comes up to you and cuts you off. Trust me, I do my fair share of that! (consider this my apology) While that can definitely be annoying (again, so sorry) I'm talking about the kind of interruption that makes you drop everything and give 100% attention and often action to someone other than yourself.

There is something you must know about me: I'm a planner.

Every morning (Texas side - We also live in Mexico half the week which is a whole other story) I walk downstairs, fix breakfast, and start writing a list in my planner. Some things have a time next to them, and others are things I hope to accomplish that day.  I often start on the next day as well if I know I can't fit it all in a 24 hour span.

But when a call comes in the middle of the day and my husband needs me to pick up his check or a friend need a favor or even wants to hang out, my mind might be saying "no, that's not gonna fit in today" but my heart and mouth are saying "YES."

The yes doesn't always come easy. In fact, it often doesn't. Sometimes I let the no come out first. Then, a tormented hour later I'm standing at the door of my husband's office picking up his check and enjoying the smile on his face as he experiences my love for him through sacrificing my timetable.

The point here is that I really really want to be ok with it. I want to drop everything and say yes to any interruption (especially ones that allow me to serve others or built community) without a second thought. I want to know - not have to constantly remind myself - but know that the world doesn't end if I don't get a check mark next to that "to-do."

So, for my sake (and maybe your's) here is a list of 5 GOOD REASONS TO BE INTERRUPTIBLE.

I realize to some of you, this reason might be a turn off. You might be inclined to hit that little "x" in the bar of your browser, but I wouldn't be doing my heart justice if I didn't claim the number one example of being interruptible.

Jesus became interruptible for me. And for you, too. Don't forget that. He left Heaven and met us where we were. He stayed 33 years and was interrupted daily by the needs of others. Many of these people didn't even grasp who He was. He had something they needed or wanted and He delivered. He healed, He fed, He saved. He gave so much that it cost Him a very painful death experience. Thankfully, as we celebrated yesterday, He had the power to overcome death and our sin while He was at it :) And all the while His concern was on us. "Father forgive them, they know not what they do." (reference: the entirety of the gospels)

I can imagine that if I were in pain, heck if I was feeling a bit ill or just had a headache, I'd be a lot less inclined to be thinking of or serving others. I'd want my "me" time. I'd want silence. I'd want someone else serving me!

Jesus was so the opposite of that. Really, what better example is there than He?

When I drive 20 minutes to pick up my husband's check and take it to the bank (where I'll then wait an hour in line) - it shows him that I love him more than I love laundry or dishes or blogging or *ahem* running to Target. He knows who I am. He knows I've planned out every second of my day. So when I take a break to help him out, spur of the moment, he knows what I'm laying down (i.e.: my neurotic tendencies) and the fact that I love him more than I love my to-do list.

Last week my friend Ashley asked if I wanted to go for sushi, boba tea and target (DO YOU EVEN HAVE TO ASK?!) That time with a girl friend was a huge blessing to me. Sure, I could have easily spent the day sitting at my desk doing blog design, but would that have been as life-giving as the deep conversation that took place over raw fish and rice? I'm gonna go with no.

Even today I'm striving to be interruptible. We are heading out of town in a few days and I could really use this day to do laundry and pack our bags. But, my friend and I have the privilege of taking one of the girl's from our village (who attends boarding school in the U.S.) across the border to see her baby brother for the first time. He's a few months old already and was born with what doctors are diagnosing at spina bifida. He is scheduled for an operation this week (please be praying!) and we all wanted to make sure Rosa got to meet her baby brother beforehand. I'd say that wins out. Every time.

This is the one that get's me. When a last minute interruption occurs, I find myself mentally rearranging MY schedule and MY needs and MY list as thought they carry the weight of the world. I hear myself complaining that "I won't have as much time to blog or to work on design or to watch TV" and even as I'm speaking I'm disgusted with myself. Selfishness is a hard thing to battle. But I won't quit. I want to be selfLESS. I want to put others before myself. It's not natural. It goes against the grain of our own nature. But it's Jesus. Yes, I've gone back to Him. It always goes back to Him. In the end, I just want to be like Him. I want to be near Him. I want to be intimate with Him and I want to imitate Him. So I'll say yes. Sometimes my mind will say no. But my mouth will say yes. And the prayer is that, in time, my heart will say yes too. From the start. Without hesitation.