you'd probably see five little girls jumping and giggling on the trampoline...

And you might be able to snap a few photos before one of them spots you...

If you were to walk over to the porch, you might find Brady laying in a sink that was recently donated... just keeping cool in the hot Mexican sun.

If you stopped and looked up, you'd see an 8ft piece of Popeye artwork, a handmade gift from one of the artists from the Handle With Care Project. You literally can't miss the mission house with this thing.

If you continued your journey and peeked in our room, you'd most definitely see this group of boys gathered around the playstation. WITHOUT QUESTION.

But aren't the backs of their heads just the cutest? ;)

And if you went out to find Marcos (or Wade, as we call him in the USA) you'd very likely find him perfecting his "trompo" skills.

I gotta admit... he's pretty good.

If it was getting to be about dinner time, you'd probably want to start walking over to our neighbor's house. You'd probably pass our friend Esther on the way, doing laundry in a way that makes me respect this woman more than I knew possible.

You'd then pick your jaw up off the floor and chastise yourself for being so lazy (just me?) as you continue on to Sylvia's kitchen which is exactly where you'd find me... STUFFING MY FACE.

Livin' the dream, I tell ya. I love our life here, our neighbors, our kids... all of it. Every last bit.