Wade and I got back from Oregon late last night. We stopped for tacos first, because when you live in "little Mexico" you just can't resist after being away from them for a week. Even if it is already 10pm and you've been traveling for almost 14 hours.

Being with "the girls" (as we regularly reference our nieces) this week was so much fun. They are growing so fast, and living so far from family means you have to catch up really quick whenever you can.  Our oldest niece Deci and I have always been really close, so when we pulled up and she was already running outside to meet me, it was like no time had passed at all. And when we went to leave and she ran outside saying we had forgotten something (i.e.: her!) I wished so badly we could stay just a little bit longer!

The weather in Oregon was way better than expected. It didn't rain all day every day. The sun came out at times and we made sure to snap a photo or play outside whenever that miracle happened ;)  Journey (the middle) entertained us with her never-ending renditions of "Let It Go" which Deci and Harlow (the baby) joined in on regularly. Seriously, watch this video. It's so cute. And Journey had us laughing non-stop with her ... "intense feelings" I'll call them.  Here's a conversation that makes the top of my list:

*Scene: we've walked down the street for hot chocolate and smoothies. Journey orders a hot chocolate and starts drinking it. She's also crying.
Adult: What's wrong Journey?
Journey: It's so hot! (crying)
Adult: Well, take a minute and wait to drink it so it will cool down.
Journey: (still crying) I caaaan't!
Adult: Why not?
Journey: Because it's too yummy!!! (still crying)

Hah that one had me laughing the whole flight home. And even now when I remember it. Because I TOTALLY GET IT!

Harlow called Wade "PawPaw" the whole time, even though the rest of us called him Uncle Wade.
Adult: Harlow. Where's Uncle Wade?
Harlow: *looking at Wade* PawPAW!
Adult: Harlow, say "Uncle Wade"
Harlow: PawPAW!

Needless to say, it stuck. Hah!

Gosh I miss them already. But! On the bright side, I get to see my remaining niece and nephew (we have FIVE total!) this weekend for Mary-Ellis' 1st birthday!  Hence the post title: One Day Between. I'm off again tomorrow for North Carolina so today will be consisting of laundry, packing, and because it's the end of the month: blog design installations and getting started on clients for next month! (psst: looking to resign your blog? Holla at me! I've got a few spots for June open!)