We're traveling again! We really thought our traveling days were over when we moved to Mexico (going from 2 jobs to one job that's only 2 days a week will put a bit of a strain on the budget) but we have been surprised at how much travel we've been able to do and how much we have planned in the next few months! Each time we have something coming up and aren't sure how it's going to work out, God comes through. It's kind of crazy actually. He has blessed us so much since our move. And we are very aware and thankful for His merciful confirmation.

Right now we're in Oregon visiting some family which I'm currently documenting via my favorite social media: Instagram! Feel free to follow along! It's going to be a fun month, what with this trip to the NorthWest, a visit to North Carolina for my niece's first birthday, and our 5 year Anniversary trip to San Antonio!

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