If you notice my yard's looking very well groomed and that our cars are freshly washed (although I hope you don't stalk my house enough to notice things like that,) it's because our dads came to town! I've now got a freshly tilled garden, ready to be planted and my fruit trees have been plucked clean. And the people in our village in Mexico now have plenty of grapefruit to enjoy!

Dads (and Hilde's) are always looking for ways to help out their kids & we are super grateful.  We spent a few days "Texas-side" and a few days "Mexico-side" where the work and play continued. We started bunk beds for the mission house, hung some doors for a family, passed out said grapefruit as well as toothpaste and toothbrushes, bought eloté (corn covered in mayo, chili, and cheese) for half the kids in the colonia, jumped on the trampoline, used all the spanish words we know,  and gave lots of hugs and kisses and homemade cookies until the moment we had to cross back again.

And I can't forget the tiny dinosaur I mentioned in the title of this post. Yes. I held that. Yes, I'm surprised by myself too.

It was just so itty bitty and cute! Have you ever seen a creature like this? They called it a "camalion." I call it a dinosaur -- looks like one to me! 

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