Warning: get ready to see multiple photos of the same thing. With little niece and nephew faces as cute and funny as these, how am I supposed to not show them ALL??? Editing down is so not my thing. Obviously. Enjoy a day at the strawberry field with my family :)

 Oh look! Mary Ellis is standing up and holding two strawberries!
 Awwww she bent down and touched her toes!
 She stood back up! Ain't she the cutest? (see what I mean about not being able to edit down?)
 And that snarl. Mean muggin.

 Bahahaha I can't even. So many strawberries were taken home in this little tummy.

 What's that Landon? Look at your strawberry? I see! So neat buddy!
 Oh, um. Sure. I'll take a bite.
 Gosh you're cute.
 What's that you say? You love your Tia? You're Tia loves you too bud.

I feel so so blessed to have been able to see all five of my nieces and nephews this month. (see our visit with the other three HERE) The fact that they live in 3 different states makes this quite the feat. And I gotta say, I hit the jackpot in the niece and nephew department. They are all so.stinking.cute!

When I'm around them, I feel like just like Elmyra:
"I'm gonna love you and hug you and squeeze you all up!" 
But don't worry. I probably won't ;)