:: Photo above are from the San Jose Mission in San Antonio ::

I feel like I've been on vacation for a month! ok... so maybe I kinda sorta have. I can't stress enough just how grateful we are that we can still travel after our move. It's something we thought for sure we'd be giving up. But then every time, God has made a way. I was talking to Wade about that the other day and he said it doesn't even surprise him anymore. It's such a beautiful time in our lives. And I want to soak up every single bit!

Most recently, we returned from a long *ahem, 5 day* weekend in San Antonio. Why San Antonio, you ask? Honestly? Because it was the closest big city to us. Living in the RGV sort of cuts you off from the rest of the world in a way. We even have to go through another checkpoint IN TEXAS to get out of here. 

So we set off for San Antonio, hearing it had a nice river, but not realizing just how beautiful the city would be. We were not disappointed.

While we have definitely missed our people (and might have said, "I wish so-and-so were here! They'd love this!" about a million times this week) we thoroughly enjoyed our time in San Antonio as we celebrated 5 years as husband and wife.

Can I tell you something? It feels like so many more years than that. Five sounds like such a tiny number in the face of forever. But I'm thankful for them and am looking forward to the next five. And the five after that. And on and on an on, God willing. When your husband looks at you from across the table and says that the past five years as your husband has made him so truly happy, you melt a little and thank God a lot for allowing this gift, this experience.

We've built so many memories already and I look forward with hopeful anticipation for many more to come. 

We stayed at Mokara Hotel & Spa (you better believe I took advantage of that last word. glorious) which is directly on the RiverWalk in downtown San Antonio and it was amazing. It had a rooftop pool with gorgeous views, sweet little balconies overlooking the river, and was walking distance to almost everything, from great restaurants and theaters to the Alamo, herself.

Year One | Chicago
Year Two | Seattle
Year Three | Day Trip to the Atlanta Zoo because we had literally just gone skiing in Big Sky, Montana
Year Four | Jacksonville Beach.  And again here (yes, we did went back a few weeks later for a no-rain redo ;)