Five years. It seems such a short time but at the same time it's this big mile marker. FIVE YEARS. It's definitely worth celebrating the fact that I've gotten to spend half a decade as the wife to Wade Williams -- as his help-mate... his other better half ;)

To honor five years, I thought I'd compile a list of 5 things you do, Wade, that I look forward to experiencing again and again for many years to come:

ONE / That look you give when you stare in my eyes and don't say a word. It's the same look you gave me on one of our first dates. It stunned me then and it stuns me now. I can see that I'm a treasure in your eyes. I love that you see me like that.

TWO / That one last trip downstairs after we've settled in for the night and I've realized I've forgotten something or want some water or cereal. You're constantly out-serving me.

THREE / The way you praise God in spite of difficult and unexpected circumstances.  You're so faithful and are a constant reminder of how blessed I am by God already.

FOUR / The never-ending request, "Do you want to dance?" The fact that we're in a public space with no music or dance floor means little to you. I know I usually say "no" and get all squirmy and cover my face in embarrassment, but I truly truly love it. I love that you love me publicly. I love that you don't care what people think. I love that you're proud to me my man and are always looking for ways to show me that. Never stop asking.

FIVE / The way you constantly strive to know God more. The willingness you have to "go" when he says to go. The burden you have to give it all to Him. Your heart for the poor and the lost and the needy and the way you put feet to those convictions. That's my very favorite thing. Thank you for leading me well.

I love you Wade Williams. I'm so thankful I've been your Mrs. Williams these past five years.
Here's to fifty-five more.

Happy Anniversary.