The third and final Spring trip is upon us! Wade is whisking me off to San Antonio for our five year anniversary! Technically our anniversary was a week ago, but since I was in North Carolina, we're celebrating NOW!

Every year, Wade and I forgo gifts and prefer to take a vacation together. I have this weird obsession with hotels and we love to explore new places together. San Antonio is the closest big city to us here in Texico (Texas+Mexico... see what I did there?) and we are looking forward to getting to know Texas a little better.

But before we go I thought I'd share some albums I've been LOVING lately.  I listen to music constantly: working, cleaning, driving, cooking... it's almost always on. And these three artists have been my most recent go-to's. Feel free to share your music suggestions in the comments!

THE REND COLLECTIVE: CAMPFIRE.  I love love love the celebration found throughout this album. If you get it on iTunes, be sure to check out the video at the end where they share the heart behind the album.  So so good.

ELLIE HOLCOMB: AS SURE AS THE SUN.  The first time I heard Ellie sing was in an instagram video posted by The Tiny Twig of when Ellie sang over a group of women in Africa. What drew me in was her authenticity in that moment. You could tell she really felt the words she sang.  Her album is no different. It's a passionate cry to know and be known by God.

BETHEL MUSIC: YOU MAKE ME BRAVE. Y'all. Every song on this album is amazing. Between Kari Jobe, Amanda Cook, and Jenn Johnson my love of female led worship songs is fulfilled. It's been on repeat. And repeat. And repeat again. I can't get sick of it!  I find myself stopping what I'm doing and lifting my hands in the middle of my bedroom, belting the words right along with them. I can't help it! Not that I'd want to ;)