Last weekend I had the privilege of being one of the speakers at the very first Christian Creative Collective here in McAllen, Tx.  The CCC was dreamt up by Pastor Serge Deleon, worship pastor at Logos Community Church, as a way to gather together people with creative dispositions and talk about how we can use our art as a way to:


Basically, how are you using your creativity as an act of worship towards God?

I had a few people ask if it was being recorded. It wasn't, but I thought that the topic of using your Online Presence to make much of Jesus would make a great blog post (I mean, hello, you're on the internet right now so this most definitely applies to you!)

I literally just now realized I threw away my notes (what was I thinking?!) I'm just going to go with it.

Do you remember the show Felicity?  I've been re-watching it lately on Hulu and truly can't get enough. Felicity was so ahead of its time. 

It was during an episode in Season One when Felicity walks into Noel Crane's (of -- yes, it's real. check it out) dorm room and asks what he's doing. *a friend pointed out that my image says Ben when it was really Noel but since I already deleted the image from my computer, we're just going to go with it, ok?* 

I, of course, lost it - laughing way more than is social acceptable because sometimes THAT IS SO TRUE!

Back in 1998, when the show was filmed, having your own "webpage" was pretty strange. Heck, today having your own webpage is pretty strange! Yet, here we are.

According to The Cultureist, more than 2,405,518,376 people use the internet with 8 new people starting to use the internet EVERY SECOND.

In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus instructs his disciples to go into the world and make disciples. Would you look again at that number above? The field is FULL!  Like my friend Cassidy said, the internet is like it's own continent. And it's true!


Maybe you don't blog. Do you tweet? Post statuses on Facebook? Share photos on instagram? These might not seem like obviously creative or artistic ways to worship, but they can be!

You're story is worth telling.

If you think it's not, you're wrong.  If Jesus has redeemed you, that needs to be shared. Your story is important because His story is important.

"At the rate of it's current growth, the web will inevitably become an integral part of everyday life in which you can either utilize to your advantage or deprive yourself of immense opportunity." 

I'm fairly certain the author of this quote didn't do so with a gospel intention, but I can't help but see the gospel call all over that sentence. The internet is a place where you can either utilize your influence, your online presence, in way that makes much of Jesus, or you can deprive yourself of an incredible opportunity to do so. 

So, how do we make much of Jesus online?

BE VULNERABLE/TELL YOUR STORY: Share the messy stuff and give God the glory for bringing you through it. A few years ago when we found out we were clinically infertile, it would have been really easy for me to keep that to myself. No one would know. Instead, I chose to be raw in the struggle and publicly praise God for being more than enough. 

After walking through that time of our lives online, I received email after email from women going through or who had gone through something similar. I still do. And more than that, I had the opportunity to answer the question: how can you have joy in this? And answer: Jesus. He's the only way.

ENCOURAGE: I can't tell you how many times a photograph on instagram with scripture or a life-story attached has encouraged me as a believer. To see God working in the lives of people all over the world, all throughout His Church, is a beautiful thing.

When I see public displays of affection between spouses on Facebook - I'm reminded that God is the preserver or marriage and with Him at the foundation, our love can increase over time, not the opposite as the world tells us it will. 

REACH OUT: When you respond to comments or reach out to others, relationships grow and strengthen. Readers/likers/followers become friends and confidants and gospel conversations happen. Pray for each other. Support one another.  

It would be really easy to write on your blog/post to your social media and never let the gospel shine through. Most people don't want to read that ish, right? Maybe the idea of talking about Christ online is a scary thought for you.

More than 2 billion people are within the reach of your keyboard. Don't let your online voice be wasted.