Have I mentioned recently how thankful I am to God for sending us to live in Mexico?  Over the years, coming on week-long mission trips, we were blessed to watch children grow and to see lives changed through the gospel.  But living here, we get to experiences all the pieces.  I was there when a group of missionaries met David, who is now our neighbor. I was there when the group shared that when they talked to his family about Jesus, it was like they had heard it for the first time and that David and his wife had trusted in Him for the first time. We were there when David's family got a house: an experience that forever changed me and made me cherish all that the Lord gives me. We're there now, across the road, when David and his wife come over with their Bible. Together we sit and dig through the scriptures. We get to read through the Word like it's the first time as David exclaims, "que bonito!" verse after verse. And most recently, we were there when David expressed his new life to his family and colonia in the act of Baptism.

The service started under the bridge (where you find the most shade.)  Three churches joined together in worship and the Word as they prepared for more than 12 people to be baptized in the canal.

That's my friend Ashley above from Stockel HaĆ¼s!
I am so happy she came over with us that day. Make sure you read her account HERE.

From under the bridge, we headed across the road to the canal where each new believer walked through the literal muck and mire to be made clean. Ashley pointed out how their feet sunk into the mud as they stepped into the canal without a second's hesitation. They didn't care what they had to go through to get there, they just wanted to worship God for what He had done in their lives and show all who gathered around that He was worth it.

I just love seeing these kids sitting on the bank watching their parents make a public declaration of their faith.

 That's David on the right, after his baptism

Throughout the baptism ceremony, which was at least 20 minutes, the crowd sang a Baptism song. I recorded their song and put together a little video so you could feel like you were there ;) It's only 54 seconds, so take a look!